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"Like illustrator Edel Rodriguez, over the past four years John Mavroudis has turned in striking editorial covers that serve as defining images of the Trump era. His latest piece for TIME—the first time since September 2001 that the magazine has featured a black border arounds its cover—is no exception."

"Our readers were profoundly moved by John Mavroudis's February 2 Obama inauguration cover and wrote in large numbers to tell us so."

"John Mavroudis’ works have been awarded and talked about, often going as far as to make a mark on society."

"John Mavroudis’ now iconic Time cover epitomised the #metoo movement’s latest battle – this time against the political machinations and the judicial system. The battle was lost, but the impact of the Greek American artist’s image lingers on"

"John Mavroudis is one of the most influential and talked about contemporary illustrators of our times."

"John Mavroudis has quietly become a player in the noisy world of rock posters."

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