The TIME magazine Cover: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

A couple of “in process” pieces, along with my final artwork for the TIME cover featuring Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I started this illustration after getting an email from TIME magazine on Monday afternoon and finished it up on Wednesday morning. (yes. An all-nighter was involved.) I combed through her testimony and later TIME sent some suggestions, as well, to pick the words. You can see how it changed up a bit. We decided that some of the more graphic quotes wouldn’t be necessary… I was trying to paint a picture of what happened to her then and now, and I think that the illustration accomplished this. Every once in a while I would pop the illustration into a blank TIME mag frame to see how it would look. I wasn't going to be designing the final art placement. That would be left in the very capable design staff at TIME. I was thinking they might crop out the hand a bit, but the Creative Director DW Pine said to make sure the hand was finished, as well, so that they had more choices on placement. Ultimately, he decided to include the whole hand and looking back on it, that was the right call.

Once I finished with the basic image, I came back and added the highlights and shadows to add some depth to the final piece (see top of page).

The feedback has been phenomenal… with so many women telling me about their stories. I hope this provides some catharsis for them. I found Dr. Ford to be a powerful speaker who exhibited a lot of humanity and grace... and I hope that the image captured that.


There will be a limited-edition print of the cover art soon. (check my store for details). Half of the net proceeds will be split between two worthy organization: RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), and Futures Without Violence.

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