WORD FACE: Donald Trump Exposed

Since a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I thought I would try to be a bit literal with this artwork. I didn’t need all one thousand, but I think I got the message across.

I don’t have much to say, as everything I’ve wanted to say to Mr. Trump is right there for all to see. I sent this to The Nation magazine and they ran it as their October 24, 2016 cover.

Here it is:

There's only small differences between the two... the most obvious being the poster will not have The Nation logo... also... the poster contains two typos (found after they went to print.) We caught those in time for The Nation magazine. Kind of funny that both typos were in eye on the right side. (Must have been tired when I worked on that part of it...) The poster is 18x24", double-sided, signed (unless otherwise requested) and printed on quality gloss cover stock.

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