JOHN MAVROUDIS might have been born in Athens, Greece, in Dublin, Ireland and finally in the third base coach's box at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. 


After emigrating to the New World (San Jose, CA), he spent his formative years on the mean streets of Frolic Way. Years of walking along Happy Valley Drive on the way to Queen Of Apostles school introduced him to the dog-eat-dog world. He only stopped long enough to fish Marvel comic books out of the back of a 7-11 dumpster. 


This singular event (along with the battle scars of German Dodge Ball, Capture The Flag, and Crab Soccer) was the pivotal moment that brought him into the art world.


He spent 3rd-7th grade being a complete jackass. (for which he is now profoundly sorry)


Along life's path, he has encountered many amazing things (with the unfortunate exception of Alien Abduction).

Here's a small (and True!) Sampling:


  • Mentioned in a Herb Caen column

  • Mocked in a David Letterman monologue.

  • Mocked by Bono (of U2 fame)

  • Mocked by a lot of other people.

  • Flew in the cockpit of a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 as it landed in San Francisco on a brilliant, cloudless afternoon.

  • Sold four covers to The New Yorker including one that was named Magazine Cover of the Year by the American Society Of Magazine Editors... and had a cartoon of the Week, as well.

  • Worked as a DJ on the #1-rated Rock N' Roll station in the San Francisco Bay Area... where he fielded a lot of frantic calls from 16-year old males who needed to hear Metallica "NOW!"

  • He got a really nice 4-page spread in People mag (Greek edition!)

  • Art featured on over two dozen posters for the legendary Fillmore Poster Series.

  • Fully adopted as part of the brilliant Moonalice Tribe.

  • Worked as a paid staffer for a Presidential Campaign (Hi, Colorado!)

  • Attended the greatest comeback in Stanley Cup Playoff History.

  • Interviewed the brilliantly talented XTC (as part of a 6-hour radio special I produced) and the amazing They Might Be Giants.

  • Climbed on The Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Experienced the magical ruins of Delphi in Greece, the beauty of Vietnam, the historic cities of Athens, Cairo, Paris, London, Rome, Dublin, Florence, Alexandria, Budapest, Beijing and Milpitas.

  • After years of suffering, he was blessed to watch his beloved San Francisco Giants win THREE World Series Titles in five years, and his Golden State Warriors win three titles in four years. He also watched his also beloved San Jose Sharks and Arsenal Football Club try really hard.


John currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his semi-vast music and baseball card collections along with his beautiful wife, Tam and his 8-year old Art Director, Athena.


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